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Send supplies. Out of seasonally appropriate clothing.

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When we was Fab

This is a spectacular photo.

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Declan has been playing with this piece of junk mail for a solid 20 minutes.

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Could We Stop an Asteroid? ft. Bill Nye

Bill Nye is legitimately entertaining and funny. Gone is the zany clown of his PBS television show, which was a decent show and my middle school science teachers’ best friend. I know this shift has been ongoing, and I’ve always realized he’s smart. But this guy really works.

CNN or BBC or Comedy Central (after Colbert?) or someone should give this man a weekly show in which he does whatever he wants for 30 minutes.

I could tell you the answer to this scientific experiment:


(Source: physicsphysics)

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Paul Simon and George Harrison play “Homeward Bound”, Saturday Night Live 1976

In November 1976, Paul Simon hosted Saturday Night Live and George Harrison served as musical guest. They played a few songs together for the show, including Simon’s “Homeward Bound” and Harrison’s “Here Comes The Sun”.

It’s a real delight to watch two of the most influential musical personalities of the 60s performing together, both strumming their acoustic guitars and alternating verses. In the performance of “Homeward Bound”, hearing Simon’s lyrics, usually sung in his distinctive twang, adopted by Harrison’s quite different singing style and accent is a treat – and when Harrison happily improvises a little guitar ending, the grin on Simon’s face is priceless. It’s clear to see that they enjoyed each other’s company immensely.

Simon said of Harrison upon his passing:

He wrote some of the greatest Beatles songs, but more than that, he had a gentleness and spirituality that made spending time with him a great pleasure. I have been dreading this loss, and I will really miss him.

“Here Comes The Sun” is often still played live at Paul Simon’s solo concerts, dedicated to George Harrison. He raises his guitar in the air at the end of each performance in a salute to his old friend.

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This is terrible I wish I was at work. (at Port of San Francisco)